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Documentary fine art photographer JAWiley captures simple, evocative and affecting images... images of moments that might otherwise get lost in the hectic shuffle of everyday life.

Born in Kittery, Maine and raised in North Carolina by a long line of avid amateur photographers and adventurous women, she earned a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from the University of North Carolina at Greensboro.
She spent a few years modeling before returning to her roots. She has spent the past 13 years working in television news.

Her work has been exhibited nationally and is part of many public and private collections around the U.S. and Europe.


                               Society for Photographic Education

Artist's Statement

 I’ve always been drawn to black and white photography because of the dream-like, ethereal quality… poetry without words.  It’s really an offshoot of my lifelong love affair with the language of film.  But instead of moving, my images are frozen moments… like a single frame from a late-night classic movie on cable television.  My images are memories that take me to the moment when I snapped the shutter… whether it was carefully planned or a swift, lucky convergence of the elements… the decisive moment. 

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Flower Portraits:
(Portraits from a Moonlight Garden)
The 24 flower portraits in the "Portraits from..." gallery on this website represent the beginning of a project that, as of October 2009, is still on-going.
Once completed, the combined images will be available as a book.
Currently, individual images are available as editioned prints, handcrafted notecards (packs of 6) and by the holiday season of 2009, jewellry.

 Family Tree Portraits:
(work in progress)
My mother is a wise woman... She talked me out of a teenage rhinoplasty by saying "But you have your grandmother's nose..."

That simple phrase not only saved me from elective surgery... It opened my eyes...

 With the assistance of my mother and my paternal aunt, I've been collecting antique vernacular photographs of my family members to compose a self-portrait.




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